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Making a Difference in the Community

Our church strives to be a resource for the community, partnering with various organizations for community service or hosting community organizations to benefit those in need.

We are pleased to support "Word Made Flesh", a mission to help prostituted women find a new life. The Mission has purses available for sale, made by women who have been rescued off the streets. Hola Granola is another product being sold with all proceeds going to this important mission.

How can you help?


Shop: Products made by survivors of prostitution

Donate: Make a one-time or recurring gift online

Thanks to our "Care Group"! This dedicated group visits shut-ins, and others in need in the community.

AA Meetings
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30
Thursdays at 7:30

Thanks to Burton's BFG Supply for partnering with us to sponsor families at Christmas!

The church and community committee would also like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone that participated in the "sponsor a family", "stuff a locker" , and the "mitten tree", and our holiday lighting activities that took place at our church. The wide variety of cookies that the members donated for each event were delicious! They were also used in our Oglebay bus trip and for our Christmas concert. Pastor Jay was able to share some of them with our shut-ins. The generosity of gift giving and fellowship was appreciated by all. All of these programs were successful asa result of your contributions. Thank you!

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