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COVID-19 Updates

Ways to Worship from Home

Below are the many ways to worship from home during this time. If you are having any difficulty accessing any of these options please call the church office at 440.834.4495 or email us at and we will be happy to find an alternative method.  

Update 3/17/2020 — Food Cupboard 

Our food cupboard will remain open. We have updated hours and days, see below. We have implemented heightened sanitation practices and will be switching to curbside pickup. 


  • Tuesday: 9-11 am

  • Wednesday: 9-11 am

  • Friday: 9-11 am

  • Saturday: 9-11 am


Additionally, we are looking for adult and/or high school juniors/seniors to help volunteer. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested please email Thank you!

Update 3/14/2020

Greetings Everyone,


For the safety of our church members and friends, we will follow the protocol of the area schools who are adhering to the Governor's orders to close buildings to help slow the spread and reduce the impact of COVID-19. Services will be cancelled in our building beginning next Sunday (3/22) and opening Easter Sunday (4/12). It was felt that our devoted members/friends will attend church even if their health is compromised; therefore, we need to play it safe and cancel services for now. 

Even though services will be cancelled for a few weeks in our church building, worship will still go on. Pastor Bob will have his sermons available for those who can tune in (alternative worship delivery outside the brick and mortar). Council will brainstorm ways to reach our friends and members that do not have access to his sermons on SoundCloud


It may be important for some to attend church this Sunday, so we will have the service with a few changes. Choir, Sunday school, and coffee/fellowship hour will be cancelled. We will encourage social distancing, place the offering plate in the back of the church, and the "Passing of the Peace" will be done in a creative way. If members and friends want to stay after church to ask questions or voice any concerns, we will have time to support them.


Thankfully, God's presence is everywhere we are... whether it is in our beautiful, big, red church or in our homes. May we spend more time feeling his presence and connecting with him more in prayer during these times.

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