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Annual Budget Meeting Agenda

DATE: Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 12:15 AM

Burton Congregational Church 

Annual Meeting 

February 2, 2020 


ATTENDING: See sign-in sheet in file. 


Leita Cirjak opened the meeting. 


Pastor Bob led us in prayer. 


Minutes: John Kessinger moved to approve the minutes for the December 1, 2019 Budget Meeting, Bobbi Durham 2nd and motion passed. 


Annual Reports: Pat Pfouts moved to accept the Annual Reports, Lora Myers 2nd and motion passed. 


Financial Reports: Dan Berman moved to approve the reports as written, Sean Thompson 2nd and motion passed. 


Slate of Officers, Boards, Committees: Kathy Uncapher moved to approve the list, Gideon Johnson 2nd. There were several additions and two corrections: Moderator should be Leita Cirjak; additions: Jaime Berman to Education, Nancy Boyk to Memorial/Funeral Food, and Joann Podany to Bazaar; correction to Deacon term dates: should be 1st term: 1-31-2021 and 2nd 1-31-22. Motion passed with these changes. 


Linda Baker asked about "REMIND" the notification system for the church. She offered to make up a form for people to use if they have a notification. Leita will put on "REMIND" the concert to be held at Lord of Life Church on Feb. 8th at 7:00 PM. 


Andy Baker moved to adjourn the meeting, Roger Hanna 2nd and motion passed.  


Pastor Bob led us in a closing prayer. 


Respectively submitted, 

Kay Palivec, Clerk 

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